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New concept of communication using colour on the back of the sales-receipts of Super/ hypermarkets:

This support of publicity is already exploited in many countries (Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Australia, U.S.A....) and we develop it in France. It offers a gravitational price, measurable results.
With proven performances, those are the numbers of the large distribution we give to the advertisers and not ours.

Measurable & quantifiable results, make it possible for everyone one to control his own return on investment.
Close to the local economic actors, Ticket Caisse© develops auto promotion on the sales receipts of the large distribution allowing any trade, whatever is its volume of frequentation, its sector, to instigate its own cashier space while informing, fidelising... its own customers.
Attractive, dynamic, pursuant, this concept can allow you to touch hundreds thousands of monthly customers in these stores exclusively in your industry sector.

EXCLUSIVITY in your branch of industry
GUARANTEE OF DIFFUSION & IMPACT (distribution day labourer on all the sales receipts)
100% OF the Diffused MESSAGES (given hand in hand by the cashier hostesses)
Weakest CONTACT COST of the market for local publicity
LIMITED NUMBERS of advertisers
COLOR PUBLICATION in OFFSET quality (Quadrichromy)
QUALITY DIFFUSION : All confused areas, the economic actors in the most important GMS of their area.
Ticket-caisse© brings image and notoriety like all convenience media and precedes the physical return of the coupons.
The tradesmen and the companies communicate through a dynamic and innovating support, generator of traffic, which enables them to measure the impact of their communication ways.
The problem with publicity, it is that we always know how much it costs, but never how much it will pay back. An excellent return on investment, according to rules of publicity, 1 invested gives 10 gains in result.
However, we are on Ticket Caisse© to 1 Euro for 20 euros gained on average, (remaining however entirely dependant from the offer of our advertisers).
Other assets, to give the advertiser the possibility to touch a larger number of customers, on his market radius, many are the tradesmen & companies giving us different typology results from their usual customers.
It is the most effective local support, the most diffused, the most powerful, and the cheapest. It reinforces the relations between super/hypermarkets and commercial buildings.
The problem with publicity, it is that we always know how much it costs, but never how much it pays back . Sales-receipt, creator of traffic. The number of advertisers is limited to twelve.
The duration of publication is 3 months. Each advertiser offers a handing-over or a gift on its insert. These gifts tickets are delivered directly in the hands of the customer.

Some references: 1 € invested gives 20 € gained in result
Our goal: To position, accompany and make thrive customers & brand names in the world of the GMS.

Since several years, Ticket Caisse© is known to convince and keep its partners as a pioneer of the support in Europe with the sales-receipt concept.

Today, several thousands of advertisers trust Ticket Caisse© to take care of their communication way in France, in Europe, In the world

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