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Good plans, Promotions, tips SAVE EVEN MORE MONEY with the fidelity card of a store which enables you to become gifts and privileges: reduction tickets, many gifts, free goods of purchases or preferential prices... It would be wrong for you to miss out on this!
All these cards are FREE and you can obtain them on request at the service desk of your store after having filled up a small form.
Then with each one of your purchases, you just have to give your cards to the cashier so that the points or handing-over are automatically credited on your cards.
Also, every month think to look at the list of the Bonus products having the bonus points. Also from time to time, you receive bonus points and special events directly at home.
A tip : it is easier (you are a recognized and spoiled customer) and advantageous to pass ODR at the cashier by presenting a discount card of the store at the condition of not presenting the card at each ODR sales-receipt but rather your sales receipt on which figures the total of your purchases other than the ODR. Also, it is important to know that the number of the cards and sometimes even your name appears on the sales receipt and that the ODR are limited to a single request by family. You will find on the ticket the number of points you just gained.
Finally much of cards also allow you to offer your points to caritative associations.
Here is a non exhaustive list of store cards that the Achat Gratuit team & Ticket Caisse have tested for you already since a few years.

* The U store cards - new tradesmen:

You have the choice between more than 100 different gifts pleasing to you (small gifts, fryer, barbecue, binoculars, games, jewels, vacuum cleaner, microwaves, expresso machines , central vapor, mixor, vapor cooker, pancakes machine, bathroom scales...) or gift checks to save money on your next purchases. You can also receive preferential prices on trips or subscriptions for your preferred readings.

Moreover, every month, you receive at home the Card U Magazine containing tips, advices and many exclusive advantages .

Easy way: you can have 2 U cards by family and cumulate their points.


* The Smile card of the Giant, Casino, and Monoprix Stores:

Princip: you cumulate S'miles at each passage at the cashier on the scale: 1 S'Mile = 3 euros of purchase. Also, with the Bonus products representing about a hundred products, you can cumulate up to ten times more S'Miles!
Better do your shopping on a day within the week, when the S'Miles purchase points are doubled.

You will receive by mail many free purchase points to use during the month.

Moreover, this card has the advantage to be accepted in more than 52 different Department stores. Thus it becomes very easy to accumulate many points to be exchanged against splendid gifts including travels. Your card will also function in the Galeries Lafayette, Nouvelles Galeries, BHV, Pier Import, Avis, Sécuritest, Euromaster, Géant Carburant, Shell, Bistro Romain, Cafeteria Casino, les déménageurs bretons, Phox ….

Finally, thanks to your card, you automatically take profit in case of a problem, from the services of Europ Assistance (it is enough for you to obtain at least 1 S'Miles the month before to be eligible to benefit freely of this service ):

- Car Advantages: in case of a puncture, we send a break-down mechanic to you. If the change of tire proves to be impossible, the break-down mechanic will tow your car to the nearest garage (the expenses of break-down service are taken in charge to the amount of 150 € including all taxes).

- House Advantages: in case you loose your keys we send you a metal worker and the costs of his displacement are taken in charge to the amount of 150 € including all taxes. Other advantages are the help of people in the following activities : domestic help, life auxiliary, nurse, delivery of meals, delivery of medicine, children help : care, school support, help and current domestic assistances: cleaning, garden work, small do-it-yourself jobs, shopping.

- Family advantages: a personal driver at your disposal to go to take your essential medicine, prescribed in urgency. A medical care for a doctor or an ambulance who will be sent to your residence (fees remain at your charge).

- Legal and practical advantages information: all your questions answered with a simple phone call: road information, distraction and meteorology, and economic and financial councils (taxation, rate of exchange, information related to administration).

* The Champion Iris card:
With the Iris Champion card, you will be able to offer gifts (in a list of 65 gifts proposed), for you or your family. Also many reductions and advantages. This cardis valid in more than 1000 stores in France.

Also do not fail every month to read the Champion magazine available at the reception point of your store. It is worth the walk (our favourite) with many detailed and informative articles.

* The Atac card:
Gain points on your purchases and a selection of products. The principle: to accumulate a minimum of 250 points to save 8 on your next purchases or to choose a gift in the card catalogue.

Also discover the Atac magazine given at the cashier at the time of your 1st visit of the month in your store.

* The Intermarché and Ecomarché card:
You accumulate euros on your chart by buying the products of the selection of the month on the leaflets but also in the booklet. Moreover, on the total amount of your cashier ticket starting from 15 purchases, you accumulate 5 cts by 10 on the total amount of your ticket. Sometimes during special promotional events certain ODR or products sold for 1 per 2 are directly credited on your card. Then, you can use your accumulated euros to pay your purchases and save money, but only in the store you received your card (Pay attention please to request your card in the nearest store from where you live).

* The Auchan Waaoh card:
Accumulate euros by buying the announced products. To know the amount of your Waaoh account!, please refer to the bottom of your shopping receipt. Then spend your euros the way you want to reduce the total amount of your important purchases or simply to please yourself.

You can also receive reduction points for certain products.

* The Carrefour card:
Lately, Carrefour also launched a card with advantageous reductions you can accumulate at each passage at the cashier. At the subscription, you can select 25 products from a list of 200 to gain a reduction. You will also receive at home a book of reduction points you will cumulate on your account, and you will receive then fidelity checks valid on your next purchases.

* The E.Leclerc Card:
It enables you to receive free purchase points and proposes exceptional offers. Also, for the appointments like the Junior meeting day: 2 days per month, 10% of E.Leclerc Tickets added on a selection of babies products.

* The Shopi card:
Valid in more than 500 stores in France. You accumulate points according to the scale 1,50 € purchase = 1 Fidelity Point starting from 3,00 € purchase. You accumulate 3 additional points by buying the Shopi brand names. Every month, approximately 120 products bring back more points to you than usually or make you save money on your shopping receipt. With your points, you obtain gifts to be chosen in a catalogue or free purchase tickets.

* The Séphora cardt:
Receive at the time of your first subscription a welcoming gift, like 25 points offered. For your birthday you will receive an exceptional letter inviting you to come take your gift in your store. Privileges like personalized make-up lessons and surprises are waiting for you anytime of the year. The principle: 1 euro = 1 point, 150 points = 1 point for 10 % discount valid for the day of your choice.

* The Marionnaud card:
Advantages plus 50 points are offered to you for your subscription. Added to that, we offer you a welcoming present (generally a jewel). For 3€ bought, you gain 2 points. With 100 points, you receive a present check worth 7,50€. For your birthday, your fidelity points are doubled.

* The Nocibé card:
Accumulate Beauty points and always gain 1 Beauty point per euro spent. As soon as you reach 200 points, your Beauty adviser Nocibé gives you a 10 euros check. With this new system, your first Beauty check is equivalent to a 5 % discount.

* The Etam card:
It enables you to collect stars on all your purchases in the stores Etam fashion and lingerie in France (except discount stores). For 1€ purchase, you gain 1 star. You receive a fidelity check you can use as you wish. Throughout the year, you will receive exclusive offers, only reserved to the customers having a fidelity card.

* The Toyr'us card:
Take profit of a welcoming present like 5 Euros reduction (valid with a minimum amount of purchase of 15 Euros.) For 1000 acquired points, that is to say 500 Euros of purchases, you receive a fidelity Bonus reduction worth 10 Euros.

* Have the reflex to tend your card at each passage on motorways taking part to this commercial operation (southern of France (ASF) and the Paris-Rhine-Rhone (SAPRR) motorways). This way you will take profit of reductions for many hobbies offers with free entrances offered (escapade, relaxation, spectacles, parks, privileges).

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Source - the team of Achats Gratuits & Ticket Caisse© - www.achatgratuit.com/

(*) Subject to changes of methods and scale.

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