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Required profile:

Communication advisor, Publicity seller, Responsible of the profit pole - online sellers - Sales representative -

Description : We are specialized in the production of 4 colours pre printed cashier rolls with publicity events on to the back of sales-receipts.

Your profile: Graduation Certificate +2 to +5 years with a significant similar experience - You have a good knowledge of new technologies and media. You developed affinities with the commercial & large distribution world.

Your knowledge: You have knowledge in the sectors of publicity, marketing & GMS. You are available immediately. The advice towards the customers is for you a pleasure.

Motivation: You are very motivated, passionate, with a winner spirit, you like to beat challenges. Presentation: You have a good presentation and the sense of negotiation.

Présentation : Vous avez une bonne présentation et le sens de la négociation.

Media Concept: The support & the media concept of sales-receipts of Hypermarkets appear to you to be a support with a strong impact for the advertisers (the only one offering a 100% rate of catch in hand on the planet).

Geographical mobility: You are mobile & aspire to comfortable incomes.

Our sectors of production: Our actual action goals are France, Switzerland & Belgium (the Benelux countries).

Very gravitational mixed remuneration (fix + variable + bonus).

Stations based: in Annecy, Geneva, Freiburg, Paris to be provided immediately.

Sectors :

Switzerland: Vaud, Valais, Neuch√Ętel, Fribourg

France: Center, Auvergne, The Rhone Alps, PACA, Bourgogne, Franche Comté,

Your mission:

It consists in developing space sales to customers made up from spectrum customers of all the sectors of activity non competitor of the Hyper stores & Super stores of the GMS large distribution produced by our company.

Strong points of the Concept: A very good return of investment for the advertisers - perennial Media of Publicity with a large rate of loyalty (85%)

Languages: French, English, (German and Italian will be appreciated)

In case of interest, please forward us your complete resume with photograph to the following address:

Ticket Caisse Premium Ltd
Offices - International Division

Second Floor, Commerce House - 6,London Street
W2 1HR London - Royaume-Uni
Phone : +44(0) 207.419.50.05
Fax : +44(0) 207.419.59.77

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