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Ticket Caisse© - Franchise of services

Create your local, regional advertising control of sale of advertising spaces to the back of the sales-tickets & the TPE debit tickets (bank cards) of the hypermarkets, supermarkets and other great surfaces & specialised circuits referenced by the network. The force of the product is certainly being the only media of publicity in the world guaranteeing 100% of rate of catch in hand of the consumers by the hostesses of case of the partner stores.
Creation date of the activity: September 27, 1994
Launching of the network: April 12, 2005
To become owner of a Ticket Caisse© concession, it is to manage a team from 2 to 15 people and to carry out a turnover from 500.000 to 3 million euros, with a brute margin of 67 %.The sale of this adapted concept of communication taking profit from the dynamism of the large distribution makes it possible for commercial goods to start without stock, without room and the return on investment is very fast.
ARE YOU : Commercial - Negotiator - Manager - Organized?
DO YOU HAVE : talent - dynamism - a Strong motivation - An opened mind?
DO YOU WISH TO BE : Independent - Market booster - Passionate Creator?
ARE YOU : A man or a woman 25 years old and more, with a temperament of a manager and exploiting will if you wish it, ease the installation of a small commercial team. It' s not necessary to come from world of the communication to carry on this activity. A prompt spirit & good relational attitude on your geographical sector, will be an additional asset.
Sale promotion by the use of advertising on the back of the sales-receipts of the GMS (large & average surfaces) of the large distribution.
More than 85 % of the families regularly attend a hyper or a supermarket.
The GMS wish to valorise their space & the look of their cashier spaces while bringing a competing advantage and by increasing the satisfaction of their customers.
The offer proposed by the sales-receipt Network is a service brought to the GMS, which involves the development of consumer loyalty & the increase of its customers flow, which are parts of its concern. The ticketing contributes to the improvement of its image and the increase of its commercial margin.
The Ticket Caisse© network answers considerable requirements by proposing an innovative concept rejoining the interests of :
Consumers, announcers, GMS.
  • Accompaniment & optimization of franchised.
    Guarantee of an exploitable territory by proposing exclusive areas.
  • Powerful Bank data on target customers.
    A commercial follow-up for the duration of the contract.
  • Strategic marketing on the selection of the signs & stores partners.
    A list of GMS stores to be marketed quickly.
  • Optional telephone marketing for your customers appointments on the basis of 30/50 % of your needs.
  • Personalized pages by franchised on the Web site
  • Powerful creation studio optimizing the actions of publicity & graphic creation of your advertisers and management of your production.
  • Your customer advertisers communicate on a dynamic & innovating support, generator of traffic & measurable sales turnover by the return of the coupons.
I spent 80 % of my time to manage, 20 % to communicate, if it was possible, I would inverse the proportions. Lee Laccoca (chairman CHRYSLER)
  • Entrance apport: 15.000 €
  • Personal capital contribution: 15.000 €
  • Royalties, publicity included: 8 %
  • Sales turnover after 2 years of activity: 150.000 à 850.000 € (more if several concessions).
The franchise represents in 2004 in France nearly 35.000 points of sale (almost as much it counts communes in France ) for a turnover of more than 37 billion euro.Since 30 years, the formula never stopped developing and confirms year after year its good health, but also its capacity of resistance when the economic context becomes more difficult.
Thanks to our referencing near the Large distribution & various networks of tradesmen all confused sectors, our franchised are operational immediately on the commercial ground. That allows them a great flexibility in their strategy and a fast return on their investment. Life has more imagination than what our dreams carry out. [Ridley Scott]
We are essentially looking for candidates with a fighting spirit, locomotives wanting to undertake & succeed and are attracted towards publicity & marketing for the sale of space and the taste of advising towards the advertisers. They must have good commercial aptitudes, a creative spirit. It is not necessary to come from the world of communication & publicity to carry on this activity. It is not our strategy to open sites to be present on a territory, but to carry out advantageous establishments for franchised partner of our expansion and for our company, according to the rules of the win-win concept
Your respected independence, your valorised knowledge and the power of a pioneer of the ticketing in Europe.
Be for every franchised an accelerator of success.
We are, since 1994, one of the pioneers of the ticketing of the GMS (great & average surface) in Europe.
Large distribution by the creativity of its signs (Wall Mart, Carrefour, Monoprix, Auchan, Leclerc, Casino, Intermarché, Cora-Louis Delhaize, Système U, Tesco, etc) being one of the biggest world economic successes for the past last 40 years.
It is understood that the franchised sign is suddenly being by the force of the media Ticket Caisse©, associated to the power of the GMS sector, all confused countries.
If the concept interests you contact us.

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