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The Média - Its Force

Sales promotion using the advertising of the GMS back colored side of the sales receipts (large & average size surfaces) of the big European & international trade distribution.
Communicate an innovating way to new targets of customers on 1 support of exception
Anyone of us in various activities collects between 5 and 10 tickets per day:
purchases in large distribution stores, convenience stores, CHR restoration, cash withdrawal, credit card receipts, auto route toll, gasoline receipts, parking places, etc...
So, the sales-receipt represents a considerable potential in terms of media support. It touches, as well in a massive way the flow of the consumers in Department Stores, than segmented targets by choosing specialized distribution networks.
5 to 10 tickets collected per day.
More than 87 % of families regularly attend the hypermarket or the supermarket. Daily customer flow in hypermarket is about 6.000 people and about 2.800 people, appreciatively, by supermarket.
The goods of purchase printed dynamically with the case on the recto of the sales- receipts already proved their effectiveness in great distribution (example: Leclerc the Ticket which is worth money: + Turnover 17%, + 18% of the traffic 2)
The GMS (Large and Average Surfaces) wish to develop their payment spaces while bringing a competing advantage and by increasing the satisfaction of the customers.
Ticket Caisse© offers this way an additional service, it increases the loyalty of the consumers, which is its first concern and contributes to the improvement of its image and the increase of its commercial margin.

Consumer loyalty - Impact

Nearly 77 % of the advertisers re-use this support after a first use.
More than 93 % of the consumers are informed of advertisements on the back of their payment ticket.
The support Ticket Caisse© offers you:
  • The weakest contact cost of the market for a better return of investment.
  • A daily distribution of your advertising campaign over periods from 6 to 12 months.
  • The possibility of changing your actions every 3 months.
  • The certitude of a 100% contact, thanks to the cashier hostesses distributing them hand in hand.
  • An offset printing in quadrichromy mode.
  • Exclusivity by activity branch for each advertiser.

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