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Ticket Caisse©, Accelerator of success
You certainly already had in the hands, while leaving a supermarket or a fast-food, a sales receipt to the back of which are printed 4 colors of the actions, promotions & publicities in Couponing.

But without knowing, neither the operation of this concept media, nor its interest.
The goods of purchase printed dynamically with the case on the recto of the sales receipts already proved their effectiveness in great distribution (example : Leclerc the Ticket which is worth money: + Turnover 17%, + 18% of the traffic 2) We will make you discover the media which is classified by the most dynamic firm of the world market, like the support which is number 1 in the terms of local impact. Ticket Caisse© the intelligent receipt specialist in the counselling in communication printed on the back of the sales receipts and informs you on the mechanism of this advertising media of exception.

THE IMPACT TICKET CAISSE©, THE INTELLIGENT RECEIPT - Your dynamic solution of couponing


The gaining concept suggested by Ticket Caisse© is a single solution, this support capitalizes indeed, the image, the notoriety and the dynamism of your company.


Multiply by ten your impact with the only support of publicity in the world guaranteeing to you 100 % of rate of cash in hand, thanks to the cashiers of each store.

Of 700' 000 to 5 million coupons distributed per year and store, directly in the hands of the customers.

From the impact of your campaign will depend your offer & the ambition you wish to give it: one or more supermarkets or hypermarkets at the local level , regional, national and international!

Double your impact with 2 distinct supports :

  • The cash receipt
  • The debit or credit card receipt
In ten years, the sales of the large distribution process for food passed according to lčINSEE from 46,5 to 62,3 % of the sales, with the implicit approval of millions of French people who voted daily by plebiscite this form of sale. In twenty years, the number of references present at last minute times during the year in a hypermarket was multiplied by five When we offer 3.000 square meters to a grocer, in a store in France or in Brazil, Danone gets benefits and its employments also, underlines from it Daniel Bernard, ex president of the directory of Carrefour.

Develop your image using 3 types of different communication ways :

  • the promotional offer by your actions,
  • the publicity of notoriety & image,
  • the event-driven one.

The strong Points of the product are:

  • With Ticket Caisse© system of couponing "our customers carry out important increases in average shopping baskets (up to 50%) and in frequency of visit (until a factor 4)
  • Interactivity with the customer, at the right moment "in action of purchase"
  • The quality of impression on an innovative support
  • the conquest of new customers
  • immediate pursuant Offers
  • Personalization of the actions to each trade
  • Possibility of partnership in trade marketing
  • Gaining product & gaining out of B to B
  • Return on investment on the basis of attractive quantified offers
  • Support much more economic than direct marketing
  • Ticket Caisse© makes it possible by quarterly promotions from the advertisers, to associate recruitment and development of consumers
  • Universality of the system

The couponing is an extraordinary tool for promotion, associated to other approaches of conquest and development of consumers. The profitability and the pereniality of a trade goes by the expert use of its tools in order to minimize the costs of recruitment and renewal of purchase.
Arnaud Sainval Marketing Consultant OMC


The 4 color impressions on the back of coupons at the time of the payment is a big success in the principal chains of the large distribution process.

The impact of this new form of couponing is in particular due to the targeting according to the behaviour of the consumer ("one-to-few") and the immediate distribution right in the heart of the act of purchase.

Ticket Caisse© is the specialist of the systems of couponing pre-printed inside the stores ("in-store") at the point of cashing ("check-out").

Our solutions are especially conceived for the needs of the signs of GMS, whatever their size is, in order to :

  • Use the technical equipment existing in the stores
  • Adapt themselves to the specificities of each market
  • Set up itself quickly and easily
  • Allow an easy and detailed statistical analysis for the advertisers
  • Control and make safe data exchanges
  • Offer a return on important and immediate investment

We place solutions and innovating CRM services at the disposal of our customers starting from an advanced technology, result of important efforts in research and development.

Ticket Caisse© "the Intelligent Receipt" widens the concept of dynamic couponing beyond the good of purchase and makes it possible to carry out any shape of publi-promotional receipt as well as studies on your customers (age, sex, market radius, etc). While becoming a complete system of CRM, it enables you to develop your client relationship stage by stage.

Ticket Caisse© is a specialist in solution impression of promotional tickets on the link of sale (Couponing / Couponnage).

Our solutions of communication obtain an important development of consumers loyalty, thanks to the targeting Ticket Caisse© and bring to you an increase in the average basket (up to 50%) and in the frequency of visit of the customers (until a factor 4).The ergonomics and the effectiveness system «Ticket Caisse©» are especially conceived to answer the needs of the GMS signs and the dynamic tradesmen wishing to profit from the dynamism & the exceptional success of this sector.

10 good reasons to join our network

  • The support of a marketing group with expertise balanced poles
  • Capacity to manage a network of quality
  • Control of an innovating strategic marketing guarantor of result for our customers & our network of franchised partners.
  • A recognized knowledge being the pioneer of the concept
  • A capacity to manage complex projects & importance in any country (gtfrc) to exigent customers
  • Capacity of fidelising prestigious & faithful customers
  • An uninterrupted growth since 10 years
  • An expertise proved on the global chain of production at the GMS
  • A financial solidity guarantor of the potentiality of the proposed service

Our goal:To position, accompany and make thrive customers & brand names on the cashiers of big GMS distribution Stores and any support of communication related to this branch of industry as a pioneer of the concept in Europe. Our reward, the fidelity of our advertiser partners.

Quotation of the day
"Nowadays, the customers shop for alimentation products in half an hour. When they arrive to the cashiers, they are as in apnea.
Christophe Delhommeau, Carrefour responsible

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