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The little things of life are sometimes the best...
For all the thoughtless consumers who never look at their ticket and the actions of our partners at the time of their passage at the cashiers, life is sometimes made of lessons.
By Marie, April 2005 - And does that make you laugh?
People who know me a little bit In connection with the author
First name : Marie - 30 years old (almost), I take profit of my life as a mom in parental break with my in love and my two monsters... A quiet life style (almost) I want to share with you.

People who know me a little bit, know that I am not that kind of person kind of person to collect the hand bags... I have some however, following me sometimes when I must carry my papers or my proves of payment...
A simple black bag, probably not very beautiful, referring to the face of my in love when it discovered my lucky find... Perhaps not very beautiful but it is a woman's bag!

Having pronounced "Mess" tendencies, I acknowledge that I preserve all kinds of things in it, at this point that I fear to have an accident, that an eventual rescue man is obliged to look in it and that he is not even able to find my papers!!! Imagine the situation: that would be lame, come on!

When it takes me really too long to find my papers, I feel scrupulous and I empty it. I am always surprised, once the content is spread out over the table, by the volume of this mess!

It was the case not later than yesterday. I take the bag, I reverse it, I spread it out, and I start to make a first visual selection, by taking care to separate papers, perishable goods, official papers or other documents, all this with a bored look on my face.

I put back the chewing-gum in its respective box, I throw away the not used but so much damaged tissues that they cannot be used anymore, I put the coins at their place (I am rich in fact!), I read again the small words of Chouinette (my daughter) ("Mom, you are the prettiest"), I make the account of the pets (euh, 11... a record!), I put the toys of Crapouillot (my son) in their boxes. I go back to this amount of papers: publicity in the garbage! The bank card tickets also, cause since all that time, the banking movements are done! And what if I looked at the sales receipts? We never know... there are perhaps some product guarantees inside!

I start to peel off the sales receipts in diagonal... I just look at that sum with two digits only (in euros)... Nothing so interesting, just banalities, vegetables, fruits, milk products one after the other one... Till l find one of the last tickets, the longest, folded up several times and where the final sum is read with three digits... One of those tickets when you go for a big shopping... 30,80 stamped on the same line of the milk ? Oh, I still make a mistake between the francs and the euros... But, it's really the euro column? Ah yes... 56 X 0,55 = 30,80 for milk €!!! But I never bought 56 liters of milk! The cashier was mistaken and had to withdraw the sum from the total amount! I check, and...nothing! Desperated, I imagine myself, pushing a carriage filled up with 56 liters of Milk !!

Horror, desperation, I realise that obviously, the cashier pressed and typed by mistake on the keys 5 and 6 instead of only the 6 and cashed from me 56 liters milk instead of 6!!!
That's a way to throw through the window 30,80€ - (for probably only 6 liters really bought!) And that, it's irritating!
The worst, it is that if I had not looked at this ticket, I would not have known it (it's from January 29)!!! What is to say about my beloved one and my lovely mom, witnesses of my discovery and who are aware of my failures like being a pierced basket!!! They are not done laughing about it (but still...) and tease me about it!

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